Sunday, October 18, 2015

My very own Minion.

The summer was very busy with many people here and all the pleasures of being in the quiet serenity of the forest.  Towards the end of the season, I found an Argentinian chef who cooks over fire and I found myself wanting to do the same.  I had the bottom of an old Weber along with the grill and took it to a neighbor who's a genius at thinking things through and together, this is what resulted.  A fire box with a door (notice the handle with my initial--his idea) which drops ashes down, a removable grill above it, a removable griddle which slopes to drain grease down a little pipe and into a removable container and the lid which allows enough room for baking.  A thermostat will be installed on the lid.  It all disassembles.  Totally unique.  I'm looking forward to more festive events here, gathering around the Minion.

Our next design in the works is an outdoor standing fireplace with a movable grill so guests can cook over fire, roast marshmallows or just enjoy watching a fire by the cabin.

Here's to re-purposing and sustainability!

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