Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Many firsts!

I saw the first Baltimore Oriole of the year here among all the new baby leaves on all the trees.  And, to top it off, I heard a Whipoorwill the other night.  I'd love to include a few loons on the pond but it's not likely.  I'm relegated to CD's if I want to hear their beautiful calls.

Another first is the new outhouse built by Troop 205 of Kalamazoo under the supervision of scout leader, Phillip Miller.  This is their 3rd year to come and help me with projects.  They cleared logs from the north hillside by the pond and burned a big brush pile, as well.  Twelve scouts with the help of five scout leaders learned more about responsibility, skills and communication while having fun and earning merit badges.  They are the future leaders of the country.  I am so grateful!

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