Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sightings in the snow

Behold!  The lone wild cat of Michigan stalking his prey in the pristine snow.

The wildlife here at the Red Spirit is plentiful, beautiful and silent.  While others hear nothing but traffic, sirens and honking, the quiet here is broken only by bird calls or the wind whistling through the woods.

In winter it's easier to see the turkeys crossing through the woods and lately, I sighted a bushy tailed fox and 2 young ones.  One day I was watching Spud (seen above) practicing his pounces in the woods and was surprised to see 4 deer around him, perfectly camouflaged as they grazed.  Occasionally, there's a hoot owl calling in the night or coyotes howling.  It's a good time to reflect, be grateful, read a book, start a fire, enjoy a toast to the new year...
This is what snow looks like after a cat falls hind feet first off the step.  

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