Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am constantly reminded that we are provided for by the Universe.  Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to get through some situation and I remember that all will be given, even if it's different than what I want.  I am grateful.  Everyday.

Recently, I ran out of firewood.  Since I heat my home with firewood, I depend on a good supply to last me through the season.  A day or so later, my neighbor called to say he had plenty of dry wood for me.  Then, another neighbor said that she didn't use her wood stove anymore and wanted to give me her remaining firewood.  At the same time, my contractor was concerned that I didn't have enough for the winter and insisted on bringing me a truckload.  Wow.  All of this happened without me even asking.  It was generously offered and gratefully accepted.  I will be giving back in my own way.  That's the economy we should all experience.

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