Friday, January 6, 2012

The carrot on a stick.  Always in front of us.  Always offering the hope of more in our lives.  As humans, we always want more.  And isn't it all relative?  Some need a new BMW.  Others need a safe place to sleep or a meal.  

I created this sculpture a few years back based on a dream I had.  If we are to make this a better world, we need to take action and help women, especially women because they will nurture this wounded world.  They are the creators of future generations who will either be taught to war or love.  I hope you will support, the international organization that is making a difference for thousands of women, children and men.  The Red Spirit is supporting this cause.  Because it's still my dream.  And, we will always have hope.                                 

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  1. I love that sculpture, makes me wonder what my carrot on a stick is?