Friday, August 21, 2009

Work in progress.

The wild blackberries have been truly amazing this year.  My husband Paul turned this large bowl for me from a fallen beech tree in the woods and created a “Berry Basket”.     

I love it.  What a gorgeous centerpiece.

Dialogue with a Blackberry bush:

Karen: Black is beautiful!  I’m so glad I’m here to pick the latest fashion in the August show.

BB: Can’t say the same for you…wearing that old, long-sleeved shirt, bill cap and jeans.

Karen: These are my berry pickin’ duds.  Your branches are going to grab me as if to say, “Don’t go.  Don’t go.” and my hide is delicate.

BB: Pick away, then.  Yikes!  What’s that? 

Karen:  Zeppi, my English Mastiff.  She likes pickin’ berries, too.  The bluebirds flittin’ around here seem to have an interest in them also.

BB:  Guess they know how sweet wild berries are compared to those domestic ones.

Karen:  They are juicy, big and yummy!  Thanks a bunch!

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