Sunday, August 16, 2009

Retreat for September

Why wait? Treat yourself to this relaxing weekend at the Red Spirit Retreat located in the beautiful fall colors of Michigan. I can’t believe we’re almost into fall! This retreat was scheduled for August but moved to September so sign up now and you still have time to stretch your creative talents. Jennifer Gould, facilitator of this workshop, is an artist in doll-making, fabric design of scarves, jackets and more. I look forward to hearing from you!

We just returned from a workshop given by Laura Sherman on balancing the Divine Feminine in our lives. Laura guided us through new insights, discovering new abilities and how we can access more from our lives. She also spoke from the Akashic Records which we all discussed at length. If you would like to have a reading from Laura by phone or in person, please contact me.

The workshop took place on the screened-in barn porch. Mother Earth joined us with a heavy, much-needed downpour and we all agreed it was a perfect gift. As we closed, the sun came out and we danced and drummed in a final celebratory ending before Dr. Jack Miller joined us for a wonderful dinner at the Everyday Cafe in Douglas.

We returned home with sweet corn and colorful bouquets of gladiolas from my neighbor and friend, Rich. This time of year, I’m especially reminded of our abundance of fruit and vegetables from Michigan. May we always be thankful for what we are given. Thanks, Mother Earth.

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