Thursday, November 4, 2010

All is temporary

I painted this black jaguar a number of years ago which will soon have a new home. I remember that I was canning beets in between painting her on the porch.

Now that there's more time to paint again, I plan to paint more on glass and mirror which has also been an interest of mine.

The woods offers a wealth of subject matter if I only take time to study my surroundings. There's a beautiful young maple outside the window which is exploding with splashy orange, pink, yellow, green and brown color.

Another friend who is leaving is the Whizzer, a sculpture that's been fondly viewed for a long time. He was created by an artist in Wisconsin and will soon return to Evanston to occupy a new home. Once again I'm reminded of balance in my life. Giving and receiving. Letting go...

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